Ange Lin

Here’s a nice pic of Ange

We are excited to welcome aboard our new Digital Director, Ange Lin. Ange comes from an impressive pedigree leading digital teams at CHE Proximity, and Wunderman. As fatfish matures into a world class agency, Ange will assist in transforming the digital team into a formidable force, delivering exceptional digital projects. Here’s a few more things we didn’t know about Ange:

Gadgets. Technology. Gadgety technology. The digital experiences that allow people to totally immerse themselves – anything from 10 minutes of candy crush/tetris/mario kart to spending 2 hours on a Monday morning trying to solve the Google Doodle Rubik’s cube.

Goals at fatfish
To under promise and over deliver! </half_joke> I would like to help spread the goodness that is digital throughout the business and use technology to create and maintain user engagement. It’s fascinating!

Favourite thing in the world?
​I can’t choose between my fur children or dumplings. I refuse to combine the two.

Creative Outlet
Cooking and reciting haiku poems to my dogs.

How are you going to change the world?
One digital execution at a time..!

Welcome aboard Ange.