Church Resources

Church Resources is a sustainable and responsive organisation built on quality and integrity, serving Members as trusted experts in sourcing solutions and faith-based communications.

By developing relationships between their Members and Preferred Partners they increase buying power, saving members money and helping make the right purchasing decisions on a variety of goods, from health insurance through to car purchase. Church resources approached fatfish to redevelop their online presence and construct a bridge from two very different systems to make the user experience a seamless one. We were required to construct a unique database and search refinement platform to enable users to easily locate services and products and make purchasing decisions quickly.

Fatfish developed a bridge between two very different systems allowing for a seamless web user experience as well as interacting with a Customer Relationship Management system. We developed intuitive software giving the system the ability to automatically navigate various information such as multi level details of location and service sectors within the database whilst profiling the user experience to allow access to specific products and services that related to their profile.

With an already rich customer and supplier contact database a convenient site registration process was created pre populating data as well as advanced grouping for relevant user groups on the website. Chronologically executed scripts in the backend assure an accurate sync of data enabling newly modified information between the CRM and website as current content.

The streamlining of the site has reduced human workload for both Church Resources and their customers. The users now have access to relevant information to them, and access it quickly with the ability to refine their searches even further. These revisions will drive higher user interaction and a greater user return rate and provide great return on investment for Church Resources product partners. 

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