Frontier Advisors Website

When approached to develop the Frontier Advisors website the objectives were simple; it needed to be built quickly and it needed to represent the exclusive nature of the company’s offering.

The Frontier Advisors team partnered with fatfish because we understood their needs intrinsically {aside from the fact that we are great at building websites}. Our involvement in this project was vast, responsible for all elements from design and user interface, photography through to development. The site had to be responsive to cater for all platforms and have scope to grow as Frontier’s business needs evolve. Our design process for this site was a little different to our normal approach. We developed the mobile version first given that in the near future, most page views will originate from a mobile device.
If the site wasn’t engaging on the mobile platform then it was never going to be a suitable solution for Frontier. The user experience as a result on any display is unobstructed, allowing quick and easy access to important information. To compliment the ‘face’ of the site, it was then stitched into an easy to use content management system to enable ongoing client side updates. The end result is a beautifully simple and well executed website that provides Frontier Advisors an unrivaled digital presence in the finance arena. View Site



Fatfish answered our call to design and build a fully responsive, contemporary, and engaging website on a tight budget and in a short timeframe… every agency’s dream job! They worked closely and patiently with us to help achieve the outcome, with the direction and help needed at our end and the effort and expertise they delivered as designers and developers. We believe we’ve now got the leading website in our sector.

Wayne Sullivan
Head of Marketing & Business Development at Frontier Advisors