Keep our beaches beautiful

Waverley Council is responsible for some of the most enviable suburbs in Australia including Rose Bay, Tamarama and the world-famous Bondi Beach.

Their challenge for us was to generate promotional material that would complement an existing activation campaign known as Junk Jukebox set up at Bondi beach – a busking-style musician would play a song if a passerby threw rubbish in specially design bins. The brief was to design a poster that would encourage people to “Keep Bondi Beautiful”. Taking into consideration the Bondi demographic and what is a very un-sexy topic – garbage – we approached the brief with the idea that it should appeal to the majority of beach-goers (young adults) and add a cheeky slant to the creative to leverage off one of the major attractions of Bondi – the beautiful people…Often a successful ad will challenge the reader in a way that calls them to action.
In this instance, ‘Did you pick up today?’ is reminiscent of friends chatting about their romantic activities at the beach while challenging them to think whether they had cleaned up their discarded rubbish. It can be difficult to measure the success of a campaign of this nature without physically weighing the amount of rubbish correctly disposed of in bins before and after the campaign, but we were encouraged by the response we received from Waverley Council when they asked if we would be able to develop the same creative message for Randwick Council, which incorporates both Coogee and Maroubra beaches. And, along with being incorporated into their online social media promotions as well as local print publications, the response has been extremely positive. All of which developed from the original request for a poster.