Why would a DJ need a website to begin with? For the same reasons why musicians worldwide create their own websites, blogs, and social media pages: to keep up with their fans, make their work known, share their thoughts and projects, and, why not, promote themselves for future gigs. So if you are currently interested in having a website built, we advise you to get in touch with us so we can brainstorm some ideas until we come up with the best inspired one for your particular needs.

Today, there are millions of websites over the internet. Make yours stick out from the crowd.

Tell People What You Do

For a website visitor who is not familiar with you, your work or the world of a DJ in general, it will he of tremendous help to dedicate a special website section to explaining the job of a DJ. For people who would like to hire you for their events, it is important to know exactly what to expect from you, for how many hours in a row you can perform, what kind of gear you own and can make use of, what kind of music do you mix and so on.

For example, if you normally work with the Abelton live keyboard and your personal laptop or you have a more complex DJ table and stand with an expensive mixer and other similar gear, give details about all of these. Do it using a simple, but at the same time professional language that is easy to understand by even the least experienced of readers when it comes to DJs and you will have added a few strong points to your website. Add your DJ enthusiasm to every new article and blog post you add to your site and you will be on the right track.

The Ableton live keyboard cover for your laptop is dust-proof and spill-proof and also compatible with both US & UK keyboard versions. A lot of successful DJs use this hand-washable keyboard cover during their live performances and record excellent results. It can convert your Apple Mac Keyboard into a custom Ableton Live Keyboard and allow you to fast-track daily workloads and record and write music using portable electronic devices. One topic of interest on your site could be a comparison section speaking of the pros and cons of various types of DJ gear, including keyboard live covers, software, and mixers.

Stay Original

While there are tons of DJ websites to find inspiration in, it is best to be unique and find your own voice and style when creating yours. Add the latest news in the industry but try to write them using your personal touch, maybe use humor when telling the stories about the most recent awards and events, add a photo and video gallery hosting your own performances as well as the gear you work with and the list could go on.

Call a web developer to have your site built fast and easy and make sure you maintain your website content constantly updated with news, blog posts, videos, and photos. Add a chat section and hire someone to manage it if you do not have the time for it. Make the site as interactive and ttractive as possible and success will come knocking.